Football Legend

C Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro ( born 5 Februari 1985 in Funchal) is a footballer of Portugal. He in this time advocate club Manchester United, play at as left wing s or right. He start called to national team of football Portugal since year 2003. Ronaldo born in Madeira, Portugal, child of from Maria Dolores pack Santos Aveiro and José Dinis Aveiro. He have brother called Hugo, and two sister, Elma and Liliana Cátia. Liliana work as singer by the name of podium” Ronaldo” in Portugal. Name both which given by Cristiano (” Ronaldo”) relatively scarce in Portugal. Ronaldo is footballer available for fiddling around with both the foot, what making he can play at where only: right, left or through is middle. The result Ronaldo and the friend of footballer humanity in Manchester United Ryan Giggs earning is each other changing over position.

Ronaldo have ability of technique in super. Beside movement multi step-over, he also develop many other abilities, make he very nimble and as wing player which have no predicted by the movement. Sir Ferguson very foxy look for young player have a gift, one of them C Ronaldo which recruited from by Sporting Lisbon from year 2003. Wrestle football seriously since the age was newly step on eight year, directly captivate of owner of klub in Portugal. He pulled to become member klub yunior Andorinha place of the father worked as supply feeder. At the age of ten years, this player talent have been kissed many klub are professional. Two klub is scrambling get him, is namely CS Maritimo and CD Nacional. Maritimo is club big enough, unhappily they losing time to deliver Ronaldo smalls which joining forces with CD Nacional. In club the junior person, Ronaldo is built-in send the club win national championship title. He then given by opportunity exercise during three day in club is professional, Sporting Lisbon. Sporting then recruit him at the time of Ronaldo age still 14 year. Ronaldo joint forces with club yunior Sporting exercising in Alcochete known‘ football factory ‘ in Portugal.

Then Ronaldo chosen as player Timnas Portugal following championship of UEFA U-17. The appearance in place that is making the name started peeped at clubs world large. People the first having a crush on Ronaldo is former coach Liverpool Gerard Houllier. Houllier intend to deliver Ronaldo to Anfield. But because the age still 16 year, management club set mind on giving Ronaldo time. But, year 2003, Liverpool exactly fail quickly from Manchester United which successfully the migration to Old Trafford with trnasfer equal to 12,24 million pound. Look the Website - growing your website


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