Football Legend

D. Beckham

David Robert Joseph Beckham, well known name is David Beckham. Who did do not recognize football player is this. From early the action in Manchester United as one of yunior generation ‘ 95 bringing Manchester United becoming klub is best in world. Together Paul, Scholes, Gary, Neville, Philip, Neville, and Nicky Butt bring klub become klub is richest in world. The free kick which kill have become confessed by ikon is globe public. Various achievement in green belts have reach for him. Even external field Beckham also become selebriti the star become trend setter world fashion, from clothes which worn until hairstyle. David Beckham is not only considered to be by capable to lifting the klub achievement in green belt but have also becoming money machine capable to giving extraordinary production from klub with sale of image and assesoris“ Beckham”. Possibly that becoming one of consideration of Real Madrid recruit him(it from Manchester United. Process of transfer of causing an uproar in year 2003, from the dispute with Alex, Ferguson, My coach basting him, up to the salary and contract value in Real, Madrid, in one year he is employed 32 million poundsterling or same to 512 billion Rupiah!! If we account the an breath attraction worth 16 thousand Rupiah!!. Can be imagined how many properties of the this fenomenal, that still from salary, is not including the earnings is external of football namely earnings from advertisement and sponsor, bonus also not yet.

Real Madrid which will spend money a number of the for salaries Beckham, hence could be imagined how many advantage which got Real Madrid with selling David, Beckham, could probably pay for Indonesia debt
:). After from Real, Madrid, David Beckham switch by uniformed of Los Angeles, Galaxy, yes! American, this country is the next which will try conquered by Beckham. Football in America still fail is popular in comparison with basket, American, Footbal, and Baseball. David will try to popularize football with popularitity which have it. With popularitity like David, the mentioned is not not possibly. Even if supposing will, Arnold Schwarzenegger Australian immigrant it is possible that Governor California Beckham with all which have him(it it is possible that passengers Air Force, One, who knows…

Not yet step on to America David have made MLS ( Fortunate League Soccer) revise the regulation concerning salary chop. In America in every athletics branch is order salary stamp for every club full scale limiting employed which can be paid at all the player, this regulation made for purpose of generalization, so every club cannot have many stars players ( big salaried), don’t care after all rich is the a club ( compare by in Indonesia, there is club ball basket which all the player is star player, even the reserve player!!). In order America which will apply strarting season of 2007 the enable every klub MLS for recruiting one player employing it exceed constrain which have been determined. At season of 2006 then, salary caps for a team gyrate 1,9 million dollar AS or about Rp 17,2 milliard per year. If a team consisted of 28 player, mean every player” only” will be employed about Rp 615 million per year. Compare with contract Beckham which per the week reach USD 1 million. Journey Of David Beckham in country Uncle Of Sam would soon started, and awaited by competent is story David conquer super country power!, we await is just of surprises differ from David Robert Joseph Beckham. Look the Website


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