Football Legend

L Messi

Lionel Andrés Messi born at 24 June 1987 in Rosary is a footballer of Argentina. The position is aliform attacker. In this time he strengthen FC Barcelona in League Spanyol. The ability is often the Create nicknamed as” New Diego Maradona”. Initially body height player of 169 this cm show off in club Grandoli, club upbringing Jorge Messi which no other is the father Messi. Then he change over to Newell’s Old Boys. But this klub is not ready to pay for expense of hormone therapy reaching 500.000 pounds the month. Fortunately Barcelona soon catch excitement potency Leo Messi and offer him switch to Spanyol for joining with club this Katalan of plus defray all expense of therapy. ” I am only need time less than 10 minute for sure that he truely a future star.” say coach Barcelona B the scorpion, Carles Rexach. ” along the length of My career during 40 year, I have never see a player which really talent. one with knowledge of minim football even also will be able to realize ability of excitement messi.”

What is The talent draw attention world at the time show off with national team of football Argentina in Adolescent World cup and Barcelona in the year 2005. In the year 2006 he successfully assist Barcelona before experiencing is wounded in resistance of quater final againts Chelsea in League Champions. Messi having body which rather this small is very nimble above field and frequently open space to the friends hunting goal. The movement is not far differ from Maradona and do same thing namely make goal by his arms. Not a few people call him new Maradona, Messi are typical of players with in the style skill Maradona and brain genius in style Zinedine Zidane. With dominant Left foot. Messi have different character with Maradona. Till now he still a beloved chlid which not yet affecting something. While Maradona is unique person with all the negatives and excesses either in fields and also outside fields. The character not to replaced and imitated. Look the Website


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