Football Legend

Marco V Basten

Marcel” Marco” van Basten, born on 31 October 1964 in Utrecht, he is a football player playing at club Ajax Amsterdam and club AC Milan in year 1980-an so early year 1990-an. He known as one of front attacker relying on alongside history and print counted 276 goal in the career who shortening wounded effect. Recognized to the strength is in hand ball, tactical ability and also hard kick and the voli which spectacular, van Basten reach for appreciation of Best Football player of Europe of three of times rill ( year 1988, 1989 and 1992) also Best Player of World FIFA in year 1992. He is in selecting as one of ten best player during 20 the last year according to poling IFFHS. Marco van Basten start the football career is at the age of 7 year. Club the first is EDO. After one year he go to UVV Utrecht. After 10 year play at in UVV, he move to club is other that is Elinkwijk where he play at briefest momentaryness before he step into club Ajax,

The first contest with Ajax at April 1982 time of fighting against NEC Nijmegen with victory of 5-0. Before season of 1982-1983 he is top scorer Europe. He become top scorer in four season hereinafter ( 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987) by 117 goal in 112 contest. At season of 1985- 1986 he make score by 37 goal in 26 contest ( inclusion of 6 goal of time of fighting against Sparta and 5 goal of time of fighting against Heracles) in Eredivisie, make he win year Europe gold shoe. In the year 1987, Silvio Berlusconi bring Van Basten to Milan. In the first season, Milan win scudeto the first, but Van Basten only playing at 11 contest because he hit by cidera bangle at the foot/feet. Although he hit by injury, Van Basten make score of 5 goal in Euro ‘ 88, hat-trick time of fighting against English, victory goal in semi final time of fighting against the spectacular kick and West Germany in final of time of fighting against Uni Soviet and national team of Dutch win Championship Of Europe.

After playing at in international competition, season of 1988 – 1989, Van Basten win Best Player of Europe and make score of 19 goal in Series A and Milan can maintain the Europe cup is successfully time of fighting against Benfica. Season of 1990 – 1991 hardly disappoint for Milan because Sampdoria win scudetto. At season hereinafter with manager Fabio, Capello, Milan is unbeatable in contest of league and win championship, Van Basten make score of 25 goal and become score top in Series A. At season of 1992 – 1993, Van Basten is chosen become Best Player for third times before he foot injury returned time of fighting against Ancona. Van Basten leave Milan in the year 1995 and desist to play at football. Initially he will never try to be manager, but he change mind and become manager for klub Ajax for season of 2003 – 2004. At 29 July 2004, he become manager for national team of Dutch. Lihat Website


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