Football Legend


Original name Ronaldo Assis de Moreira born at 21 March 1980 in Porto Alegre is a footballer of nationality of Brasil which since July 2008 advocate team AC Milan. High of the body about 180 cm. He get best player title of version world Fédération Internationale de Football Association in the year 2004 and 2005. He is player with abysmal highest production David Beckham from LA Galaxy. He bring into contact becoming 1 team with player Brazil is other Kaka, which have understanding with the game style in International team Brasil. He seems to be body overweight and fatigue before the maiden appearance in Series Italian league A with Milan after Hejira from Barcelona. Ronaldinho which have ever twice reach for Best Player of World FIFA print 70 goal along the length of the 145 appearance times with Barca and bring the team win League Spanyol at 2005 and 2006 at the same time League champion Champion 2006. He also deliver advantage for club with sale of team costume write down the name.

But during two the last year` Ronny` more knowledgeable with life of the night than the performa in field. Ronaldinho which have collecting 36 goal in last international 93 appearance times play at the state in World cup qualification party fight against Uruguay in Sao, Paulo, Brazil which in this time residing in position to five klasemen whereas South America group will face rank to four, Cili in Santiago at 7 September. Ronaldinho get extraordinary greeting from the devotee in China during Olympiad tournament take place. Even time of national anthem Brazil heave before contest is started and the face presented in thundering of ovation sesomnate in Worker stadium at Tuesday. Popular Ronaldinho which also often seen in countrified atlet ( Athletes` Village) so that friend as of the team forced to encircle him and can prevent demand for photograph together inundate himself at the time of eating. Look the Website


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