Football Legend


Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Five ( born at 22 September 1976 in Bento, Ribeiro, Brasil, generally called by Ronaldo ) is a football player Brasil very famous. He usually play at as attacker. The epithet is Il Fenômeno (” The Phenomenon”). High of body of 183 cm. Start time of playing at in Cruzeiro in the year 1993. He called by admission squad international football Brazil for World cup of 1994 though he finally don’t get opportunity play. After Cruzeiro, he move to Europe in a club Dutch, PSV Eindhoven. In Eindhoven, he become goal printer many in Dutchs leagues. He then moved to FC Barcelona ( Spanyol) for as of season before joining forces with Inter Milan. The career in Inter don’t run beloved because he continuously wounded haunted. The time when strengthen national team Brazil at World cup of 1998, he have time to experience mysterious disease one day before contest of final fight against French. He come up not be maximal in contest ending 0-3 for drubbing of Brazil. In the year 1999, here- injuring knee in the first contest after getting over is wounded before all and finish term of twenty month for rehabilitation.

He play at glorious in World Cup 2002, send Brazil become champion. In the year same he even also moving to Real Madrid. Together Real, he find returning the ability and send Real become League champion Spanyol in the year 2003. Ronaldo start World cup of 2006 by blanketed by is controversy concerning the body weight that seem exceeding ideal weight. He is criticized by the condition assumed less fit and also the ugly appearance. Nonetheless, at third contest in act firstly fighting against Japan, he print two goal bringing him is same with Gerd Müller as goal many in Worlds cups along the length of history of 14 goals. cast by One goal it time of fighting against Ghana at 27 June make him goal many along the length of history of Worlds cups by 15 goals. Here- to experience injuring is hard in the knee at 13 Februari 2008 moment strengthen Milan face Livorno. Differ from injuring the natural knee is in the year 1998 and 2000, this of the left knee is sore. At 10 November 2005, he obtain get status of civic of Spanyol so that now he have two citizenships. Look the website


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