Football Legend


Zidane of the France professor bleeding Algier believe in moslem. popular and famous with nickname Zizou. The position as quarter-back groan. Start career as player in klub As, Cannes, he then play at in Bordeaux Juventus and last Real Madird. He is retired from football klub in the year 2006 and retired from national team of French football after World cup of 2006. After very fanciful appearance in World cup ‘ 98 and Piala Eropa 2000, not a few footballs publics assuming him as best players in worlds. The membership and excess do dribbling and domination of ball often make opponent player feel frustration because the difficult grab ball from his. Coachs even also of opinion that forcing man-to-man marking to Zidane are useless work. Pada 1993, Zidane married with Veronique ( birth of Lentisco).

Although the football career end is bitter Zidane is chosen as best player of World cup of 2006 version Fédération Internationale de Football Association and of journalists covering the place by getting 2012 points. Reason of he is selected to become best player by successfully present appearance capturing and also show good leadership in bringing French which dragged in group semi final to final act. French coach Domenech and of the” Emperor” Franz Beckenbauer advocate decision of FIFA for remain to give the title though Zizou is assumed to conduct action the amentia to Materazzi.
Materazzi possibly assumed to tell words which hardly touch best player of world of 3 times causing make he becoming emotion and finally conduct action. The According to report BBC, election of Done best Player at a period of rest after first act. Correspondent BBC Gordon Farquhar, have a notion that” if we asked to of journalists which have doing the election after contests end, will they alter the voice, is possibly they melakukannya.”Song title Headbutt” what is inspiration from headshot leading Zinedine Zidane to chest Marco Materazzi in World cup final of 2006 becoming very song famous in French. In two and a half week of onset, there is 80.000 the song in situs. Look the Website


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