Football Legend

Blog studying gathering of football player video which have or will become world legend player. Through videos yg have been collected this can give knowledge is more to know your legends players favorites and earn also for motivating of footballs devotees or players in worlds specially Indonesias after seeing to display from the videoes. From style, trik-trik, way of dribble, kick ball, field goals respect and all related to footballs worlds. We can learn and know the ways from of of the our legends. It is of course learn from the the master in Legend of this Football can move forward football world we together minimum hearten of footballs devotees.

“The Pioner” Pele from Brazil

Pele player from Brazil becoming legend firstly which the name of famous direct in International football world which very young at contest of inter-states with the talent which direct get world champion title. Continue click here

“Maestro” Diego Maradona from Argentina

From small have played at ball with the friends, with the talent which very excrutiatingly make professional football player with skill is high level. Style and game posed at by him and its make change in football world becoming a beautiful game and amaze. Continue click here

“The Emperor” Franz Beckenbaur From Germany

Franz Anton Beckenbaur ( 11 September 1945 ) nicknamed by is master in the position as sweeper, Franz Beckenbauer also remembered as legend by the skill and defending. Tactically and trust of himself of time of holding ball and also the leadership in organizational of game, it is not strange if world recalled the name as“ emperor” Germany in fact. No one in West Germany player in range of time of one century the duration capable to coming up to champion play at Beckenbauer cum captain tire of the arm is more than 50 contest times in national team. Beckenbauer start career in World cup since 1966. At The Time West Germany defeated by English in final party taking place in Stadium Wembley. That Moment Beckenbauer is trusted to occupy position of quarter-back stay which seldom act him. He also get specialized task for early English legend attacker Bobby Charlton. Even position of the original is player stay, do not seldom“ Emperor” Franz also assist impasse of Germany vanguard in scoring a goal. Noted four solvent goal by Beckenbauer in World cup of 1966 making the name started recognized by world. In Mexico world cup of 1970, Beckenbauer is remembered as never give up player. Continue click here

Michel Platini From France

Platini birth man of 21 June 1955 which in this time take hold of as a first one in football Prancis is former international star with France. He also cut down name of level of in klub AS, Nancy, Saint Etienne and Juventus. Appointment of itself dihelat proximo would. Seremoni appointment is passed off in Liverpool at 8 October. Moment respect the at the same time just with a quarter century the efficacy award as Best Player of Europe ( European Footballer of the Year). “ I of course touch with decision constitute me as Hall of Fame in National Football Museum ( in English). a very big honour made me,” word Platini like copy a portion Channel4. “ I am fans English football and I always wait for to photograph with a few their star player during active mes play.” Continue click here

Marco Van Basten From Netherland

Marcel” Marco” van Basten, born on 31 October 1964 in Utrecht, he is a football player playing at club Ajax Amsterdam and club AC Milan in year 1980-an so early year 1990-an. He known as one of front attacker relying on alongside history and print counted 276 goal in the career who shortening wounded effect. Recognized to the strength is in hand ball, tactical ability and also hard kick and the voli which spectacular, van Basten reach for appreciation of Best Football player of Europe of three of times rill ( year 1988, 1989 and 1992) also Best Player of World FIFA in year 1992. Continue click here

Ruud Gullit From Netherland

Ruud Dil Gullit player bearing at 1 September 1962, born in Amsterdam as descendant of from Afro-Suriname. The professional career started in the year 1978 moment joint forces with klub FC Harleem. That moment he trained by ex- player West Bromwich Albion namely Barry Hughes. Together Harleem he note debut of time of age of 16 year and print 32 goal out of 91 appearance in Dutch league. In season both with Harleem he reach for title as best player of the scorpion Dutch league. After four season play together Harleem Gullit switch and play at Feyenoord. During three season he gold can 31 goal out of 85 appearance. At the time can play together other Dutch legend namely Champion Cruijff. Successfulness with Feyenoord send himself as Best Football Player of year Dutch. Continue click here

“The King” Eric Cantona from France

Eric Cantona immense marked French player, as player for French along the length of 1980 and early 1990. Cantona is confessed to be player it is really brilliant. He become spirit national team of French and win Championship Of French league with Olympique Marseille and French cup with Montpellier before deciding him that he cannot pursue the art, for actor him in the blood. Continue click here

“The Scientist” Zinedine Zidane from France

Zidane of the France professor bleeding Algier believe in moslem. popular and famous with nickname Zizou. The position as quarter-back groan. Start career as player in klub As, Cannes, he then play at in Bordeaux Juventus and last Real Madird. He is retired from football klub in the year 2006 and retired from national team of French football after World cup of 2006. After very fanciful appearance in World cup ‘ 98 and Piala Eropa 2000, not a few footballs publics assuming him as best players in worlds. The membership and excess do dribbling and domination of ball often make opponent player feel frustration because the difficult grab ball from his. Coachs even also of opinion that forcing man-to-man marking to Zidane are useless work.
Continue click here

“The phenomena” Ronaldo from Brazil

Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Five ( born at 22 September 1976 in Bento, Ribeiro, Brasil, generally called by Ronaldo ) is a football player Brasil very famous. He usually play at as attacker. The epithet is Il Fenômeno (” The Phenomenon”). High of body of 183 cm. Continue click here

“Master Dribble” Ryan Giggs from Wales

Birth man of 29 November 1973 holding maker champion assist many with note of 289 times. Have not yet enough reach it, he also become player most title in Great Britain. Counted main 20 championship title succeed in and collection he is an of six English player which successfully grab two League title Champions. Ryan Giggs would always remembered for lover Manchester United. The name registered in various champions sheets. Not only playing at every season since start player career, more prestisius again, Giggs was champion owner of amount of appearances many for MU give in incision of 758 property of Sir Bobby Charlton. The on unique, the idea of pension not at all bother concentration but exactly motivate himself to be more good and again. Ascription every season which experienced was last season ability can be maximal from The Welsh Wizard. For this season, licensee of training of A from UEFA carry ambition maintain trofi League Champions or even repeat sweet memory treble winners like 1999 before career cover. Continue click here

“Best Kicker” David Beckham from England

David Robert Joseph, Beckham, well known name is David Beckham. Who did do not recognize football player is this. From early the action in Manchester United as one of yunior generation ‘ 95 bringing Manchester United becoming klub is best in world. Together Paul, Scholes, Gary, Neville, Philip, Neville, and Nicky Butt bring klub become klub is richest in world. The free kick which kill have become confessed by ikon is globe public. Various achievement in green belts have reach for him. Even external field Beckham also become selebriti the star become trend setter world fashion, from clothes which worn until hairstyle. David Beckham is not only considered to be by capable to lifting the klub achievement in green belt but have also becoming money machine capable to giving extraordinary production from klub with sale of image and assesoris“ Beckham”. Possibly that becoming one of consideration of Real Madrid recruit him(it from Manchester United. Process of transfer of causing an uproar in year 2003, from the dispute with Alex, Ferguson, My coach basting him, up to the salary and contract value in Real, Madrid, in one year he is employed 32 million poundsterling or same to 512 billion Rupiah!! If we account the an breath attraction worth 16 thousand Rupiah!!. Can be imagined how many properties of the this fenomenal, that still from salary, is not including the earnings is external of football namely earnings from advertisement and sponsor, bonus also not yet. Continue click here

“The Magician” Ronaldinho from Brazil

Original name Ronaldo Assis de Moreira; born at 21 March 1980 in Porto Alegre is a footballer of nationality of Brasil which since July 2008 advocate team AC Milan. High of the body about 180 cm. He get best player title of version world Fédération Internationale de Football Association in the year 2004 and 2005. Continue click here

“The King of Skill” Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro ( born 5 Februari 1985 in Funchal) is a footballer of Portugal. He in this time advocate club Manchester United, play at as left wing s or right. He start called to national team of football Portugal since year 2003. Ronaldo born in Madeira, Portugal, child of from Maria Dolores pack Santos Aveiro and José Dinis Aveiro. He have brother called Hugo, and two sister, Elma and Liliana Cátia. Liliana work as singer by the name of podium” Ronaldo” in Portugal. Name both which given by Cristiano (” Ronaldo”) relatively scarce in Portugal. Ronaldo is footballer available for fiddling around with both the foot, what making he can play at where only: right, left or through is middle. The result Ronaldo and the friend of footballer humanity in Manchester United Ryan Giggs earning is each other changing over position. Continue click here

“Maradona reincarnation” Lionel Messi from Argentina

Lionel Andrés Messi born at 24 June 1987 in Rosary is a footballer of Argentina. The position is aliform attacker. In this time he strengthen FC Barcelona in League Spanyol. The ability is often the Create nicknamed as” New Diego Maradona”. Initially body height player of 169 this cm show off in club Grandoli, club upbringing Jorge Messi which no other is the father Messi. Then he change over to Newell’s Old Boys. But this klub is not ready to pay for expense of hormone therapy reaching 500.000 pounds the month. Fortunately Barcelona soon catch excitement potency Leo Messi and offer him switch to Spanyol for joining with club this Katalan of plus defray all expense of therapy. ” I am only need time less than 10 minute for sure that he truely a future star.” say coach Barcelona B the scorpion, Carles Rexach. ” along the length of My career during 40 year, I have never see a player which really talent. one with knowledge of minim football even also will be able to realize ability of excitement messi.” Continue click here - growing your website